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I’m a native Georgian, flower child, and the voice behind TDXO. I have to admit straight-away, I’m a recovering perfectionist, and have retyped this same sentence 12 times. Which IS significant progress, so that tells you where we started :P 

In an era of hustle, I’m a free spirit with a fiercely determined and creative soul seeking to empower, encourage, educate, and embrace my community.


I’ve always been an entrepreneur in some capacity, even when I was working the typical 9-5 grind, because I thought that’s what you had to DO: work a “normal” job with “normal hours'' and quickly realized I was never, ever going to fit into this rigid box of what “normal” looked like! 

As a result, I learned early in life that this concept of ‘normal’ is a trick!!! To keep the majority of us (mostly, females) trapped in the cycle of supporting someone else’s dream and not your own. Because, honestly it’s nearly impossible to break out of that mold if you feel like you’re a slave to your career. Let me just tell you, no one is going to admit that you are actually capable of more, if they feel like it will negatively impact their business. 

Boom. I said it. *queue Beyonce* I ain’t sorry.

This is where I’ve found this extension of myself where I get to help people understand that you get to live whatever f’in type of life you want to live with ABUNDANCE. You just have to get out of your own freaking way.

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tiffany danielle haynes

*elitists everywhere are cringing and crying*  

This is not me hating! I’m just totally aware of what oppression looks like in society and once you “see,” it’s impossible to “unsee.” It’s my blessed gift to be able to help my sisters discover their unique balance to expedite their path to an abundant life of health, wealth, beauty and next level fun on their journey. 


I’ve spent many years building a community of followers and friends (yes, friends!) who I have connected with through lifestyle, beauty, selfcare, and motherhood advice. I find a great deal of pride in my relationship with all of you and I’m constantly seeking out new ways to best serve and embrace you.


I enjoy being your friend who you can turn to for everything from the best Dorito impos-tah’s to what eye cream gets rid of dark circles to what your spirit needs to find synchronicity. Whether it's podcasts to listen to, my favorite athleisure, better ways to communicate with your partner or kiddos, or how to be the baddest babe in the game, I want to inspire you, encourage you, and challenge you to become the best version of yourself – and I love that you all do that for me.


And that’s what you can expect to find here and from me. Real, honest, raw and empowering content that will constantly champion you along the way - no matter what phase of life you’re in! Teaching you how to be the HERO of your own MF’n story. Starting NOW :) 

Now that you’ve heard the serious…

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  • I’ve got a pretty amazing blended family: my mini with the competitive streak of an Olympian, Elizah, my fiance and partner in crime, Bert, my spirit animal, Hollis, and the most interesting person I’ve ever met, Hayden. Some of my favorite memories involve this crew and the energy is BUZZING when all five of these BIG personalities are in the same room. I relish every memory and stage of life we get to experience together!

  • Speaking of Elizah, I am insanely dedicated to being the best mom possible, which includes learning as much about being the best version of myself. I’m currently working on how to “let go” a little when necessary (like the parking lot at kindergarten) despite wanting to hold my lil baby as tight to my side as a can for all of eternity. Professionals would call this “co-dependent” *rolls eyes* but I like to imagine it more like Gilmore Girls type bond -- (all co-dependents will find a way to make it healthy, hehe)

  • UGA alum & diehard UGA Football fan. GO DAWGS! 

  • I’m a social introvert and can easily hang out with just me, myself, and I. Which is probably just fine, since I’m also the weirdest person I know

  • I love to travel and am constantly seeking new adventures with Mother Earth, like rock climbing, dancing on the beach Elizah or chilling hard watching an epic sunset. Anywhere outside makes me the happiest, but my favorite places in the entire world are: The French Polynesian Islands, Telluride, & anywhere in The Caribbean

  • Virgo sun + moon with a stellium in Sagittarius 

  • Human Design: Manifestor ⅓ emotional solar plexus

If you made it this far (I can get long-winded + am known for my run on sentences,) THANK YOU! I’m so grateful you’re here and excited for you to be a part of the community I am proud to call my home! 

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