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Affordable Girly Rose Gold Bathroom Aesthetic

Hi friends!

It's been a hot second since I've shared a blog post, but between travel, moving, and squeezing in a few more fun items, July BLEW by! BUT, I have a fun series beginning for you guys and am excited to share it with you! We're stepping more into some lifestyle fun today, because you guys have been dying to know about all the details of the new house.

As most of you know, we just moved to Suwanee, GA and of course with moving comes the mandatory overhaul of decor, inspiration, and more, right? Never mind all the boxes we still have to unpack. It's time decorate! Lol.

I wanted to share everything with you all as we begin refreshing rooms in our home, and to start is Elizah's bathroom. Elizah wanted her bathroom to be rose gold and pink so we added some of these accessories in her bathroom and it immediately made the bathroom feel luxurious, grown up, and high end for a bargain!

It's not really necessary to go overkill, because just a few home goods will quickly make a big difference in the aesthetic of the room - and a fun fact: everything in this bathroom was snagged off of Amazon. I KNOW, RIGHT?? These pieces can also easily transition into a room refresh for any age or refresh any space!

All of these accessories are rose gold- many of the products can also be purchased in different colors. they are functional and super cute! Each item is linked below for you.

Rose Gold Bathroom Accessories

I love a matching soap and toothbrush set. It makes my Virgo heart happy. This one is so functional and really looks like it costs way more than 20 bucks!

Light Switch Cover

This is SOOOO cute. And it's a teeny tiny detail that just adds to the look of the entire room

Collage Pictures

I took a few of these pics and put them in matte frames. They made a huge difference and you cant beat the price of $17 for 60 pics that can be framed and hung for decor. EASY and cheap, and give a super high end feel.

Vanity Makeup Organizer

Brush Holder

*this is currently unavailable*

Hair Tools Holder

Classic Towels

Over the Door Towel Organizer

Trash Can & Toilet Brush Set


Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

Tabletop Succulents

Cardstock Quotes


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