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Foundation? Check.

Concealer? Check.

Now, you've done all that work - but you're noticing things aren't quite right. Maybe your skin is looking a little uneven? Maybe you're getting oily pretty quickly and that shine is real? If this is the case, chances are, you're VERY much in need of some powder!

But, of course we have to take it a step further and go through the TWO different types of powder that you should have in your beauty arsenal.

Setting Powder does exactly what it says - it locks that beautiful work that you did in place. Now that you’ve beautifully applied your foundation and concealer, setting powder is basically the top coat to your nail polish that locks it in for the maximum wear. I’ll be honest, I’m more of a luminous finish kinda gal, so I go LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT with my setting powder. HOWEVER, if you want SNATCHED to the gods, photo-ready all day with no touch-ups - feel free to dust a little more, then swipe it away.

You'll find setting powder in two different colors: translucent/white setting powder which gives a more natural looking appearance and yellow translucent powder (banana powder) which gives a more highlighted glam effect.

If you’re planning on being photo-shoot ready and don’t mind looking a little dusty in person, feel free to BAKE (aka leave your powder sitting on the areas if your face you want to highlight to “bake” while you do the rest of your makeup).

Finishing Powder is also pretty self-explanatory - it finishes your makeup! Once you've applied your foundation and concealer, you'll add a finishing powder on top to lock your makeup in place.

You'll find finishing powder in two forms: loose and pressed. Loose powder sets the foundation, helps it last longer, and also gives the skin a more even complexion. Pressed powder comes in a compact that is more travel-friendly and provides more coverage than loose powder

Now that we're caught up to speed - here's my favorite powders to find your perfect match!

Maybelline Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder

This mineral-based powder provides the perfect finishing touch to your makeup base with a slight tint of color.

Maybelline Lasting Fix Banana Setting Powder

This powder gives an airbrushed effect that is great for all skin tones with a matte finish that keeps your makeup locked in place ALLLL day long.

Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder

Okay guys - this is the OG OF POWDERS! Fun fact: my granny used to powder my butt with this when I was a kid after my baths too — who know a nostalgic favorite butt duster would turn into the powder to keep your concealer from creasing LMAO.

BLK/OPL Soft Velvet Finishing Powder

LOVE THIS powder for having a wide range of shades - great for darker skin tones shades because it has less flashback than most powders. This is a great option for matching powder to contour/highlighter areas that is also super light weight.

Revlon ColorStay Pressed Powder

And last but definitely not least: this is a great option if loose powder isn’t your jam. Which is totally fine! That's why we're here. This is also fantastic to keep in purse for touch ups without adding color/coverage to your perfectly finished foundation!


*Some of the links included in this blog post are affiliate links - so if you choose to purchase these products, just know that you're pouring resources right back into the TDXO Community and experiences for everyone in it!*


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