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Sunscreen | TDXO Spring Skincare Guide

Raise your hand if you spent years thinking you only needed to wear sunscreen if you were going to be spending all day in the sun *raises hand*

Raise your hand if you didn't know that screen time on computers, tablets, and phones can ALSO cause damage to your skin *raises other hand*

Do you still have an excuse for not wearing sunscreen? Nope.

Sure, maybe there was a time when wearing sunscreen was the worst. But sunscreen and SPF has come a long, LONG way since the white lotion that never seemed to full absorb, no matter how long you spent trying to rub it in. It's just as important for your skincare routine as cleansing is. Because it doesn't just help protect your skin from sun damage, it prevents dark spots, melasma, skin cancer, and hyperpigmentation.

So whether you're sitting at home, walking your dog, going to the beach, hitting up brunch with your friends, or reading next to a window: sunscreen is crucial for ALL SKIN TYPES. No exceptions, ya hear me??

I even made it easy for you and pulled together my personal favorite types of sunscreen for you to add to your routine:

This product feels like makeup primer with silky, pure, skin-loving ingredients. Silk extract leaves skin feeling silky-smooth, Japanese wild rose helps tighten the look of pores and smooths skin texture, and loquat leaf extract offers a rich source of antioxidants to protect and calm skin.

Why I love it: First, if y'all haven't noticed the theme yet, I’m a HUGE FAN OF TATCHA. In my opinion, they are the best leading the way in clean beauty that’s ACTUALLY effective. It’s my dream to work with their brand. One day!! But this formula is non-irritating, non-sensitizing, dermatologist tested, cruelty-free, and formulated without synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, sulfate detergents, urea, DEA, TEA, aminobenzoic acid, homosalate, oxybenzone, or octinoxate (all of that is a big deal)

Buy it here

This formula is tinted for a natural glow that matches most skin tones. It absorbs quickly into your skin and leaves a matte finish which means it can pretty much replace your tinted moisturizer.

Why I love it: It's main ingredient is titanium dioxide, which is the scientific name for "sunscreen." And I like to keep things pretty straightforward sometimes!

Buy it here

This is a lightweight sunscreen that is a winner for all skin types. It utilizes Shiseido's WetForce Technology and HeatForce Technology for sun protection. In the WetForce, negative ions in the formula combine with positive ions in perspiration and water to create an additional layer of invisible sun protection. While the HeatForce technology is activated on hot days once applied to your skin. For WetForce capabilities to engage, expose the area where lotion has been applied to water or perspiration for 30 minutes. This formula is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes, ocean-friendly, and free of oxybenzone and octinoxate

Why I love it: this sunscreen literally becomes STRONGER when exposed to heat, sweat, and water. Isn't the WILD??

Buy it here

This spray is an organic sunscreen that smells like peach blossom(!!!) and is designed for long active days in the sun but light enough for everyday use. It's rich in antioxidants and has a super sheer finish!

Why I love it: Coola adds in their Plant Protection® technology. This features some antioxidant-rich nutrients (red raspberry seed oil, buriti oil, meadowfoam seed oil, and prickly pear extract) to help fight free radicals and nourish skin. So we're protecting our skin on MULTIPLE levels now.

Buy it here

This is a fast-absorbing & non-greasy unblock for the face, lips, nose and ears. Water resistant and perfect for babies, kids and adults alike. This sunscreen is specifically developed with 100% non-nano zinc to provide water and sweat resistant coverage. Safe for baby and perfect for the entire family!

Why I love it: NO HARSH CHEMICALS. This is a great option for mamas with kids, because of the stick applicator. While I LOVE the ease and finish of sunscreens that aren’t mineral based, there is so much research that mineral sunscreen is the best options, especially for children. Do a quick Google search if you want to know the differences! There is a multitude of health vs environmental reasons. If you choose to go with a non-mineral option, make sure you’re picking a conscious brand, please!

Buy it here

This is another mineral, non-nano setting powder to set makeup, mattify shine, and help you easily reapply your SPF throughout the day. It's also great for all skin types and targets pores and oiliness.

Why I love it: this is a GREAT alternative to spray or lotion when you don't want to mess up any makeup that you've already applied! Like when you're out at a festival or in the sun all day. It's a sunscreen powder with a sheer formula helps to smooth skin’s appearance, while reducing shine. Plus, the brush has super-soft bristles and a mess-free, twist-lock component to control the flow of powder.

Buy it here


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