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Chateau Elan | Featured Destination

I don't feel like it's really a secret that Bert and I LOVE to travel ("love" also might be an understatement in this case, hehe)

tiffany danielle haynes and bert weiss

So for his birthday a few weeks ago, I surprised him with a two part surprise getaway! The first part took us to Chateau Elan in Braselton, Georgia where they helped me create a romantic weekend of quality time, food, drinks, sunshine, and relaxation. This was also right after we got engaged, so it was extra sweet to spend some time together and soak it in.

Can you say dreamy? IT WAS.

I feel like my TDXO fam always sees the "after," when it comes to our adventures. So I've made it a goal here to put all you lil ones in my pocket and bring you along for the journey where you get a little inside peek into our travel bubble and these destinations!

Friday, April 30th

Do you guys have a family calendar? We do! It's really convenient - when it's used, lol. But due to a couple of activities left off OUR calendar (I'm not pointing any fingers here), we arrived a whole heck of a lot later than I thought we would. HOWEVER, Chateau Elan had us set up in their Presidential Suite for the weekend, and let me tell you: my jaw DROPPED. This suite is stunning.

They surprised us with a bottle of wine, from their vineyard, and a charcuterie board while we cozied up next to the fireplace and finally got to catch up after a few crazy work weeks. Which is always good for the soul.

You know what's also good for the soul? Two words: spa tub.

Saturday, May 1

We spent our Saturday exploring the grounds, soaking in the beautiful weather, appreciating how absolutely freakin' GORGEOUS this place was. I won't lie - Bert and I had this idea in our heads that this was like, a conference center, but we were soooooo wrong.

Back in January 2020 - Chateau Elan completed a $25 million (cough *holy ish* cough) renovation to their resort and spa, elevating this resort to a very luxe and contemporary feel. The lobby was absolutely breathtaking, and my followers on Instagram got a lil sneaky peeky - but ICYMI, check it out! Who rocked that twirl better?

We wandered down to Le Petit Cafe for breakfast. This is the resort's new coffeeshop with to-go style pastries, coffees galore, and more! We grabbed a couple cold brews and egg english muffins that we took back to our room to enjoy on the patio. Our room backed up to the SUPER lush golf course and had an incredible view.

*side note: while I love bringing the TDXO fam along on these little time lapses - I'm rapidly realizing that I do a lot of talking and Bert does a lot of listening, lmao*

After some exploring, we decided to check out Versailles for lunch! This was BY FAR the brightest space I’ve ever been in - a stunning sea of natural light inside of the glass Inn atrium.

Now if you know Bert and I, if we have the option of where to eat, we're always going to pick the bar. So when we saw the expansive bar at Versailles, we booked it right over. The menu here was internationally-inspired and they had a wide variety of craft cocktails.

tiffany danielle haynes

The weather was absolutely beautiful that weekend, so we took some time to enjoy the sunshine, sit on the green and check out the vineyard before our private wine tasting. And this is a MUST for guests. Whether you're visiting for the day or staying for the night, the wine tasting was so much fun and the staff was fantastic.

In case you didn't know, Chateau Elan is one of the largest and most awarded wineries on the East Coast. We learned that they offer more than 30 wines produced with grapes grown in their own vineyards and also hand-pick clusters from California.

This would be a great idea for a group of friends, a special occasion, a bachelorette party, or a fancy date!

Another fun fact about me and Bert, is we're ALWAYS chasing down a good sunset. So when we heard that Marc Bar & Restaurant offered beautiful views in the evening, we made sure to check it out. Marc is a southern-inspired bar and chophouse with a HUGE wine list and super creative cocktails.

On top of the spectacular service and food, there were two big wins here:

1. They surprised Bert with a free dessert for his birthday (which was delish)

2. That sunset definitely delivered.

Sunday, May 2

Before we hit the road, we finished up our stay with brunch reservations at Fleur de Lis inside the Spa! Call us basic, but we LOVE a good brunch, and this food was STELLAR. The restaurant serves brunch all day in the most perfect, cozy, beautiful setting. Once again, serving up some gorgeous views as well.

While I had planned this trip to celebrate Bert's birthday, this was the most romantic, fulfilling and relaxing getaways we could have asked for! Between work and our crazy schedules, we hadn't really had a moment to enjoy this season of engagement together JUST yet and this was exactly what we needed.

As I mentioned earlier in this write up, Chateau Elan amenities are available to the public, not just guests! This would be an amazing day trip for a couple or a group of friends or an incredible date for a special occasion. I'm so grateful for the Chateau Elan team for helping me make this an unforgettable weekend!


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