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My Summer Amazon Haul!

The one thing we can agree we all love about Amazon is it’s nearly instant gratification with same day, one day, and two day shipping. With a click of a button, you can buy literally everything you need or THINK you need.

Before I had time to think over what could actually be in my last 15 purchases, we had put the blog on the calendar! To say it lightly, there is a BROAD range of purchases.

Y'all, I had a full blown gasp when I saw one of recent purchases was CROTCHLESS lingerie 🤦‍♀️ OMG.

We can just leave that right there. *slowly backs away*

Then remembers, WAIT, I must say this actually is SOLID lingerie for the price. *finishes backing away*

There are lots of fun items in here! Luckily, this is one of my BETTER runs on Amazon, since none of these items were returned. I’ll give you my personal rating on these items & share if you need them or not!

Sexy One Piece Swimsuit - 4.5 Stars

pros: very flattering on hips and butt

cons: the bottoms sit a little higher on my back than I normally like

Gel Bra Inserts - 5 Stars

pros: holy cleavage, waterproof for swimwear and they “move” naturally

cons: n/a

Phone Ring Holder & Car Mount - 5 Stars

pros: easy instructions, unlike any phone mount I've used

cons: it’s a little heavy

Clear Phone Case - 4 Stars

pros: SO chic, square and lightweight

cons: it’s not super protective

Cordless Phone Set - 5 Stars

This was a purchase for my grandmother and you can buy it here!

pros: this is the second time she has had these cordless phones, the first set lasted TWENTY YEARS cons: she says none!

Mica Powder for Homemade Bronzing Oil - 4 Stars

I purchase this for my homemade bronzing oil. I wish it came in different kit color selections. I always have a lot of unused colors and it’s still more cost efficient to buy the kit opposed to individual colors

pros: the product is perfect

cons: the kit color selection

Best Bloat Prevention - 5 Stars

pros: prevents bloat after eating, best discovery ever

cons: not the cheapest option- worth the price though

Sunflower Oil - 5 Stars

pros: my favorite oil, packed full of anti-oxidants, vitamins and fatty acids, helps promote skin regeneration while also intensely moisturizing


Moonstone Anklet - 4 Stars

this is my 3rd time buying this anklet and you can buy it here!

pros: SO cute, well made & durable

cons: they have been a little different each time I purchased, but I loved every version

Pre+Probiotic - 5 Stars

pros: I feel a huge difference in my bathroom visits, very smooth, and my stomach has much less bloat when I'm taking them consistently

cons: none

Draw Dropper Lingerie - 5 Stars

first, omg I hope my dad never sees this blog post, lmao

second, you can buy it here

pros: so comfy and is obviously a draw dropper. trust me. If you want to make your partners head explode, try this outfit. It holds everything where it should be and clearly easy access ;)

cons: none

ANOTHER Lingerie - 4.25 Stars

pros: this is so cute for any occasion you want to feel a little sexier, especially cute in white or brides or on vacation.

cons: I'M GONNA BE BLUNT HERE...the only hang up I have is, I have a personal vendetta against any lingerie that isn’t crotchless. For me, it defeats the purpose of dressing up then having to take it all off to “enjoy.” YOU KNOW I SPEAK THE TRUTH

TriPod - 4.5 Stars

I had to repurchase this bc my hulk fiancé broke the metal leg when trying to adjust it. This isn’t uncommon for him, so its probably not going to happen to anyone else

pros: best tripod, lightweight, adjustable

cons: bert broke it hahaha

Water Bottle - 5 Stars

Another repurchase, the 10th one. water bottles in our house, with three boys... DISAPPEAR. Usually not the entire bottle, just a crucial part of it, like the lid, or the bottle. This baby never leaves my side. All day, everyday and you can buy it here

pros: ounce counter, durable, larger than many bottles, leak proof, best straw ever

cons: none

Best Air Purifier - 5 Stars

This is a MUST HAVE and another repurchase. I purchased an additional one for other rooms when I needed it, because I keep one full time in my office and where I'm sleeping. This has been my saving grace for allergies, dog hair, and pollutants. It purifies the air for easy breathing, and I love knowing that Elizah has clean air

pros: quiet, nightlight, adjustable speeds, and is a very chic looking purifier

cons: I wish it came with additional filters, but purchasing additional filters is easy to do through their amazon store


*Some of the links included in this blog post are affiliate links - so if you choose to purchase these products, just know that you're pouring resources right back into the TDXO Community and experiences for everyone in it!*


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