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The REAL New Year | TDXO Spring Series



Wait, what? It’s March you say...

Okay, hang with me for a minute and you’ll see why we should be celebrating our fresh start on March 20th, instead of January 1.

When is the Spring Equinox?

March 20th, 2021 5:37AM EDT [Northern hemisphere]

What is an equinox?

It’s when the center of the sun crosses the Earth’s equator and provides us with an equinox (meaning we have an equal amount of day and night)

The vernal equinox [better known as spring] for those in the northern hemisphere and for those in the southern hemisphere, it’s the autumnal equinox [better known as fall.]

(if you were today years old when you learned what an equinox was, be sure to come back and read more, we’ll be learning new things together!)

Now that we have some basic understanding of what these things mean, you’re never going to look at the VERY confusing designation of January 1 as our new year.

Ancient Babylonians started their new year with the start of Spring, and FOR GOOD REASON, people!

Spring is the promise of fertility, rebirth, blossoming and an endless potential of opportunities. There is a reason you feel a buzzy energy bubbling inside of you when you smell the air on a spring morning. Mother Earth is feeding you with the energy and direction you need to start new projects, take on new hobbies and get that FRESH START you *thought* you were getting in the DEAD of Winter.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love every season

There is a time and place for everything, friends. However, this makes no sense!!

Our Roman friends who decided we needed a new calendar, created the Julian calendar which changed the start of our new year from lovely spring mornings, to a moment in time at which we are supposed to be hibernating, reflecting, resting, and getting prepared to handle our shit in Spring.

I mean, what?!?!

I could potentially buy into the idea of a Winter “new year” if it happened alongside the Winter solstice on December 21st. I wouldn’t be happy with it, but it wouldn’t be completely outlandish with a nonsensical BS date that has no significant meaning other than “because I said so.”

**Fun fact, many people refused to move their new year from the vernal equinox in March and celebrated all the way through the beginning of April. They were called April Fools!! {mic drop here}

So, DRUMROLL please!! This is YOUR OFFICIAL INVITATION to enjoy the fresh start to 2021 we all deserve, since we are officially over a year into living amongst a global pandemic.

(Ladies and gents, we will read this one day after COVID-19 is no longer an issue and we will realize we were living, breathing and surviving through history. We tackled virtual learning, we worked from home, we lost our jobs, we wore masks everywhere, we had to keep our toddlers at home all day, we didn’t get to hug or see our friends & family for over a year and painfully we laid loved ones to rest who quietly passed away alone.)

With this invitation, I’m also providing you with ALL the tools you need to CRUSH this new beginning. We are hand-holding you through fitness, health, wellness, skincare, beauty, love, mindset, parenting and everything else in between.

If you get a few days into Spring and you haven’t started feeling like you’re ready to take on the opportunity to get your head in the game, your body is still in Winter. Listen to it.

Start spending more time outside until your mind/body/spirit is prepared for the transition. Set a date (let’s set a cut-off date for our analysis paralysis folks in the back, for April 4th.) Then, start.

There is only one person who can be the hero of your story. You.

Start being the hero of your story.

Take this new year by the horns and ride off into that beautiful sunset that holds your new beginning.

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23 de mar. de 2021

This is so amazing! I started my new journey in March as well and this post is so inspiring and is keeping me even more determined to meet my goal. I AM the hero of my own journey!

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