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Establishing Your Mindset with Kelly Chase | TDXO Spring Series

After this past year, I think we all might be in a little more need of some spring cleaning. And I’m not just talking about our houses that we’ve been spending significantly more time inside of lately. I’m talking about our mind, bodies, and spirits as well.

All together now: let’s breathe in the good sh*t. Exhale the bad sh*t. (We’re looking at you, most of 2020, amirite?)

I brought in my friend Kelly Chase, business and mindset coach extraordinaire to give us some tips and advice on how to kick off this season with a fresh start.


TDXO: Tell us a little bit about yourself, Kelly!

Kelly: I was first introduced to the "coaching" world in 2013 when I became a Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Fast forward to 2018, I was invited to be a cast member for the (now) hit Netflix reality show Love Is Blind.

After filming LIB, I was left in absolute chaos. I then invested in a Spiritual Business and Mindset Coach who flipped my world upside down and inside out. It was then that I began integrating the deep inner healing work with not only myself, but also with my clients. I now help female entrepreneurs & women alike create the life they crave by tapping into play, pleasure, self care and self love; rediscover who they are, step into the divine feminine, reclaim their power and unleash their goddess magic!

Do Less, Be More.

TDXO: What are some tools that our readers can use to focus on their mindset and set themselves up with a great start in this new year?

Kelly: I practice daily gratitude; a tool I use to manifest and to reconfirm that this world truly is beautiful when we look past the "noise.” The mind controls everything you say and do. You attract what you think and how you act. Being in my energy and practicing gratitude, you will overcome limiting beliefs, self doubt, money objections, create a world around self love and self care, and make massive mindset shifts so that you can show up unapologetically self expressed, creating the life you crave, attracting pleasure and abundance.

TDXO: What sets you apart from other mindset coaches in the industry?

Kelly: I am Me. There is only one of Me; and I am that. I'm authentic, I'm real, I'm raw, I'm transparent and vulnerable- and not to just my close friends; I'd share the depths of my soul with a stranger if it was meant to be.... as I believe all things in life are. There are so many beautiful lessons in missed opportunities; I try not to miss those signs.

TDXO: When you’re not working - where can we find you?

Kelly: I’m a foodie, that loves sitting on a patio listening to live music, enjoying college football, loves shooting some hoops, and singing karaoke! I used to never watch tv, so it's kinda become a self care practice for me. Right now, you'll find me binge watching Gilmore Girls! Otherwise, I honestly find myself cleaning and purging clothes or other household items that no longer align with Me (I'm big on letting go of what's not serving you to create space for new/joy).

Furthermore, visiting with friends and family. I LOVE sitting on a patio grabbing a glass of wine solo or with friends! You might also find me reading personal development books or listening to masterclasses from great leaders and mentors; I am ALWAYS learning and always deepening my own healing journey. And of course when I can travel more freely again, I'll DEF be doing that!


Kelly is a Business & Mindset Coach, Podcast Host, Netflix Reality TV Celeb, and small town girl from "the 'Ville".

She helps online coaches and entrepreneurs master their self worth to scale their business and love life. Her coaching is designed to guide and empower your expansion as you endure new ways of doing, feeling, being, and learn radical self love and acceptance.


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