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The Skin You're In with Ashley Quinn | TDXO Spring Series

Let's talk skincare.

As we transition between seasons, our skin goes through A LOT. Think about it, our skin spends months in the cold dry weather, with minimal sunlight (am I wrong here?) before being thrown into constant sun exposure as we step into the warm and sunny days.

I brought in a dear friend of mine and expert aesthetician, Ashley Quinn, to give us ALL the deets and tips for having the best skin possible this spring - along with her favorite products to add to your arsenal.


TDXO: First, tell us a little bit about yourself!

Ashley: Born and raised in Georgia! Growing up I always felt like people knew fully what “they wanted to be when they grew up." For me, I wasn’t ever sure what I wanted to do until I decided to go with what makes me happy!

That's people, talking to, interacting and helping people. Helping people feel good about themselves in anyway possible. So, I combined all the things I love and made it happen!!! Took the leap and became an instructor at Sculpthouse, became an Esthetician at Balanced Aesthetic Medspa and tied it all together in a pretty positivity bow on on my Instagram (@skinwithquinn_)

TDXO: What sets you apart in this industry?

Ashley: I think I try to see each person individually. (everyone says that, haha, but seriously). It’s just like functional medicine - every single person is so different, that’s what makes us unique and beautiful.

So your treatments and skincare products should be unique to you! I genuinely care and want the best outcome for all of my clients! I truly feel the law of attraction plays a role in my practice and life and I’m so thankful that the universe has brought the most amazing clients into Balanced!!!

TDXO: When you're not working, what are you up to?

Ashley: I love being in nature any chance that I get. You may see me shamelessly touching trees anytime I’m out and about... look away, I’m ok. I love working out and being active... and on the other end I’m quite the foodie - so feel free to send over your favorite restaurants around the area.

Restaurantcardio is a thing too right?

TDXO: Onto skincare - what are some pro tips for having the best skin possible in the spring?

Ashley: ​SPF! All day, everyday! Protect your investment!! & WASH YO FACE!

And not only your face, wash your hands first!!!

Get a good hyaluronic acid for hydration without being too heavy in the warmer months!! Also, be mindful of how everything plays a role in your skin.... your stress, hydration, washing your pillow case, your phone, cleaning your mask, touching your face with dirty hands and food allergies all contributing to your skin. Everything works together and what's going on inside will show up on your face.

TDXO: What are the most common mistakes when it comes to skincare?

Ashley: Lawd...sleeping in your makeup, don’t you do it! (haha) I love a routine, so start one today and make it a habit. Over time it will be second nature YOUVE GOT THIS!!

Also drying out pimples is a common one. I know, it’s tough you want to zap that bitch... but keep your skin moisturized and hydrated so it’s protective barrier can do it’s job!

TDXO: Any skincare tips that people skip because they don't realize they're super important?

Ashley: Slow down, take the time to get your face clean at night. The main reason the handheld cleansing devices are popular for the most part is it brings your attention to how clean you're actually getting your skin.

Be your own mechanic and use those hands god gave you.. cleanse twice if wearing makeup. It’s meant to stay on, we’d be pissed if one hour into our day it came off now wouldn’t we!?

Second thing would be to make sure you apply products from thinnest to thickest in your routine to make sure it’s getting penetrated into the skin.

TDXO: Are there any tips to trusting a skincare product will ACTUALLY do what it says it will?

Ashley: I do feel like things vary person to person, but focus on ingredients and buying professional grade skincare products!! Make sure the products you are using have ingredients that are tailored to your skin condition (what you want to get out of the product, anti-aging, help with redness or breakouts).

You don’t want to buy a product just because your friend is. Karen may be oily while your skin is dry and needs that extra moisture. Professional grade skin care is worth the money!!! We tend to apply more product then actually needed, spend the extra money and use the proper amounts - it will last longer. I promise, it’s worth it!


Ashley Quinn a licensed esthetician at Balanced Aesthetics Med Spa in Atlanta, GA. She is your go to for all things skincare offering a variety of services such as microneedling, hydra+facials, chemical peels and more.. She graduated from Georgia Beauty School and hasn’t stopped furthering her education since, adding certifications and listening to educational seminars any chance she gets.

All of Ashley's current favorite products and recommendations are included below! Make sure to give her a follow on Instagram (@skinwithquinn_)

  • SkinMedica Tinted SPF - so great for light coverage and protection at the same time!

  • Extreme Protect by Is Clinical

  • Vitamin C Products:

    • Obagi Professional C Serum

    • Is Clinical - Pro Heal

  • Image Probiotic Purifying Mask to help combat mask and paired with Is Clinical Active Serum.

  • Retinol Products I love:

    • Tretinoin - (I love it when you call me big poppaaaaa..... this product is AMAZING. great for antiaging, cell turnover, helping to lighten acne scars and prevent future breakouts which is why retinol of some sort should be in your skincare routine... don't wait)

    • Alpharet by skinbetter and Retivance by Obagi are both amazing options as well.

  • Hyaluronic Acid Products:

    • Is clinical Hydra Cool serum

    • The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA


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