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Spring Hair with Salty Locks | TDXO Spring Series

Let's talk hair.

If you've been following me for any period of time now, you'll know this: I LOVE MY HAIR. I'd be comfortable saying it's a part of my identity at this point.

That being said, I wouldn't trust just anyone with my hair - which is why I turn to the best in the industry.

My ladies at Salty Locks!

Amber and Brittany are not just incredibly talented with their craft. The Salty Locks™ Sisters, Brittany and Amber have quickly become the most buzzed about and sought-after salon duo in the South. Though they do have a huge celebrity following, their clients would say they feel like a celebrity after leaving the Studio 285 experience.

With the combination of Brittany’s celebrated career as a renowned fusion hair stylist and Amber’s savvy business intuition, these sisters are taking their professional success and years of dedicated research to professional product creation with the debut of Salty Locks™ premium hair extensions created by stylists, for stylists. The heartbeat of the brand is based on a true passion and commitment to offer an ethically sourced product of the finest and highest quality. Their relentless love for their clients and a strong belief in the unparalleled service they provide is the driving force behind the brand. The Salty Locks™ Sister pride themselves on spreading positivity, love and confidence to everyone they meet because every woman deserves great hair.

Can you see why I love them so much now? They were able to give us some fantastic insight on having the best hair of your life, especially as we step into spring this season.


TDXO: What are your pro tips for having the best hair this spring?

Salty Locks Girls: Keep your hair brushed and free from tangles. Moisturize!! Your hair needs moisture during the spring and summer to keep it silky and shiny.

TDXO: Do you have any products that you'd recommend to our readers?

Salty Locks Girls: Davines All in One Milk is a great heat protectant and leave in moisturizer for regular and extension hair. Also, the Kevin Murphy Hair resort spray is a great texturizing spray.

Texturize beachy hair is a hot trend for the summer!

TDXO: What are your pro tips for taking care of your extensions and natural hair, year round

Salty Locks Girls: Always brush your hair before you wash it. It will make shampooing and conditioning much easier in the shower. Keep your hair out of chlorine from pools and hot tubs. These chemicals dry out hair and can turn blonde hair green! Also, the sun can tan blonde hair so wear a hat at the beach and pool.

TDXO: What are your thoughts for going lighter in the spring?

Salty Locks Girls: Going lighter for spring is good because your hair is going to lighten as you are outside in the sun. Going lighter helps in the fight against your hair fading in the sun. Also going lighter helps camouflage pesky gray hairs.

TDXO: And last but not least, when you're not working - what are you up to?

Salty Locks Girls: When not working Brittany loves to travel to Disney and Universal studios. She loves highly themed resorts and restaurants. She likes to stay ahead of Theming trends. Creating new ideas to give her clients an “experience” in the salon. Brittany also enjoys cooking and gardening. Hoping to grow her own food in the future!


Here's how to find the girls!

Salty Locks Extensions

2549 Trade center drive Evans Ga 30809

3210 Roswell road NW Atlanta Ga 30305

Salon Phone : 706-945-0175 Instagram: @SaltyLocksEXT and @Studio285


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