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Vitamin C | TDXO Spring Skincare Guide

Have you taken your Vitamin C today? And if the last dose of Vitamin C you had was in your mimosa on Easter Sunday, then keep reading, hehe.

It's SO commonly looked over - but Vitamin C is a critical part of your skincare routine! It's okay to raise your hand if you didn't even know that was a "thing."

We know that Vitamin C is an essential nutrient needed for growth and repair in the body, INCLUDING the skin. BUT, did you know that we cannot produce it on our own?? It's an antioxidant found naturally in fruits and vegetables (yum) but now it's being produced for inclusion in skincare products, such as moisturizers, toners, and, most often, serums. And it's a freakin' warrior when it comes to fighting off free radicals that we're exposed to every day, like UV rays and pollution.

Once it's applied to your face, it stimulates the skin to start cell regrowth and healing - which increases collagen and elastin. BINGO.

I've rounded up my favorite products below for you, so look no further!

This serum is high-strength with 15 percent pure Vitamin C that's great for all skin types. It target dark spots, wrinkles, and dullness to bring some radiance to your face. It's also fragrance-free if that's important to you.

Why I love it: it fades the look of sun damage and post-breakout marks while visibly addressing dullness and loss of firmness. It also gives a BEAUTIFUL luminous look.

Buy it here

This is a great daily moisturizer for normal and dry skin. So if you're in the oily range, it's probably not the best option! It's packed full of vitamins C and E for immediate brightening.

Why I love it: this targets the ultra-fine spots that normally aren't visible to the eye. So I love that it's correcting what can't be immediately seen from sun damage.

Buy it here

This is a best-selling oil that is exclusively sold at Sephora. It's great for all skin types (even as an oil) and hits dullness and uneven texture

Why I love it: it gives you an exceptionally soft, smooth skin and a glowing look with hydrating, sugarcane-derived squalane oil, vitamin C, chios crystal oil, and rose oil. It's results are immediately visible - which is always a plus! Can we also just take a second and talk about how BEAUTIFUL the bottle is? Haha :)

Buy it here

This is an overnight mask that thoroughly hydrates, plumps, and brightens your face. It's full of vitamin C, antioxidant-rich superberries, squalane, and hyaluronic acid.

Why I love it: I can always count on having a brighter and more glowing complexion by the morning. ALWAYS.

Buy it here

Another go-to for all skin tones, this serum fades darks spots, and promotes a more even-looking complexion while supporting collagen for less-visible lines and wrinkles and firmer-looking skin.

Why I love it: this can be used alone or under a moisturizer! It's also very unique by including plankton extract which reduces age spots

Buy it here


*Some of the links included in this blog post are affiliate links - so if you choose to purchase these products, just know that you're pouring resources right back into the TDXO Community and experiences for everyone in it!*


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